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Venue and Organizational Outreach

Are you a Queens Arts/Cultural Venue? Are you a local business interested in hosting arts and cultural events? Are you an organization that plans or produces events, shows, or other activities in Queens?



We are seeking partners to join Queens Rising 2024! Queens Rising is a multi-disciplinary arts celebration, scheduled for June 2024, designed to highlight our borough’s cultural and creative diversity by amplifying and promoting Queens arts and culture. As a community that has suffered racial and economic discrimination in the midst of a global health crisis, we come together to celebrate our resilience and future. Queens Rising serves as a platform to amplify Queens as a rich arts & culture hub and destination. We celebrate our community as one borough and all it offers to NYC and beyond!


What We Will Offer
Launch a wide-reaching marketing campaign to promote Queens arts and culture.
Amplify venues, performance companies, cultural centers, institutions, and small businesses by promoting events around the borough.
Outreach to less visible and often overlooked institutions and organizations interested in reaching new audiences.
Unify neighborhoods by providing audiences with easy-to-find event and calendar listings featuring artistic, cultural offerings, and other sites of interest within specific communities.
Connect artists, venues, and businesses to provide as many opportunities as possible for arts and culture to be seen in Queens.
Celebrate Queens with opening and closing events produced by our local partners.
Fundraise from both public and private sources, without pursuing or affecting any partners’ current or ongoing funding channels.

What We Ask Of You
Join our roster of Queens organizations that want to participate in Queens Rising 2023 by filling out our interest form at the end of this document. There is no charge or financial obligation to join Queens Rising.
Spread the word about Queens Rising to friends, associates, and other institutions to help us grow our contact list and reach around the borough.
Communicate with us about your plans for June 2024 so we can help promote your work, and Queens as a whole!
Consider opening your space to Queens artists or hosting a Queens Rising event, show, performance, workshop, or class.

About the Survey

The following survey is meant to gauge the various interests and capacities of arts & cultural organizations who run or own spaces in Queens, and that may be interested in participating in Queens Rising in June of 2024. We also want to survey other organizations or businesses with spaces that may not typically host arts & culture events but may be interested in doing so during Queens Rising.

Spaces can be theaters, museums, galleries, dance studios, small businesses or restaurants, temporarily empty real estate, places of worship, hotels, and outdoor properties.

If your organization or business has a space and is interested in being a part of Queens Rising, please fill out the brief survey below.

Thank you and don’t hesitate to reach out to with any questions!